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About the Author

Meet author and serial entrepreneur, Chesand Gregory

Chesand “Chessi” Gregory is a multitalented, resourceful, and naturally charismatic teacher, wife of a scientist, and mother of two energetic boys; The JAG Brothers.

One of her goals is to continue molding the leaders of tomorrow by writing children’s books to foster their growth and development.

Explaining her latest book, Chesand says, “This is an important book for us, so we will be reaching out to our network of media professionals, freelance journalists, and personal friends to spread the word about a great organization like Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation.”

Chesand is all fuelled up and ready for her BIG mission to increase literacy by writing Children’s books which not only promote diversity and inclusivity but also inspire a love of reading using novel storylines.

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Did Santa Wear a Mask Reviews

Unsolicited feedback from independent book readers

What a lovely idea for a book, thank you so much for reaching out to support our Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation. We can see many children benefiting from this story.

Natasha Borota on behalf of Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation, President, The It Factor Ltd.

Did Santa Wear a Mask couldn’t be a more timely book given all the crazy things going on in the world right now. It’s a definite must-read for parents and all people alike.

Stewart Andrew Alexander

Book Publishing Consultant, MediaGroup15™

A must-read for:

Families reading to young children

Christmas lovers and year-round enthusiast

Early readers and parents reading together

Classroom lessons on teamwork and pandemic hygiene

Families seeking diversity, inclusion and COVID-19 related topics

A percentage of the royalties from the retail sales of the book to be donated to the Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation.