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HO, HO, HO, ’tis the season to be jolly! But this year was different. With Christmas just days away and a coronavirus still spreading worldwide, Santa had a big problem! Many people had lost their Christmas spirit and Santa’s magic was fading.

What would Santa do?

To his surprise, special helpers arrived to motivate and support him. Join the JAG brothers, Jali and Jax, as they helped Santa save Christmas from the effects of COVID-19.

How did the brothers restore Santa’s magic in time for the big day? Journey with them in this magical adventure to the frontlines of the North Pole to find out!

The acclaimed Children’s book, “Did Santa Wear A Mask? A Christmas Adventure with the JAG Brothers” was inspired by a question my 4-year-old son asked in Spring of 2020…

“Mommy, will Santa wear a mask?”

In a bid to answer his question, I wrote this fun-filled Christmas story aimed at teaching children about the coronavirus pandemic sweeping across the globe.

The captivating story features two empathetic brothers trying to help Santa cope with the effects of COVID-19 on Christmas while emphasizing teamwork, proper hygiene, and protective measures.

In addition to helping preserve the Christmas tradition during the pandemic, the story includes many teaching points for parents and educators with the covers and illustrations reflecting diversity and inclusivity.